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Impact Tester, Notch Cutter, Charpy Impact Tester, Izod Impact and Notch Cutter, Gujarat, India

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Manufacturers & Exporters of Pipe Notch Cutter

Pipe Notch Cutter

Specification :

Notch Cutter Tools As per Standard
Cutter Angle 60°
Cutter Width 125 mm
Cutting Rate700 rev. /min / 150mm
Speed Variable with AC Frequency Drive
Displacement Sensor With resolution of 0.01mm
Maximum Pipe Diameter315 mm or as per requirement
Model Floor Standing Model
Power Supply 230 Volt AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase

Manufacturers & Exporters of Izod | Charpy Impact Tester

Izod | Charpy Impact Tester

Specification :

Models Analog Izod Impact Analog Izod / charpyImpact Analog Charpy Impact Digital Izod ImpactDigital Izod /Charpy ImpactDigital Charpy Impact Computerised Izod Impact Computerised Izod/Charpy ImpactComputerised Charpy Impact
M/c. Details Analog Izod and Charpy Digital Izod and CharpyComputerised Izod and Charpy
Scale Range 2,4,7.5,15,25 Joules 2,4,7.5,15,25 Joules 2,4,7.5,15,25 Joules
Hammers Two FourTwoTwo Four Two Two Four Two
Material of Construction Rigid Casting & Mild Steel Body with Powder Coating 
Computer InterfaceN.A. N.A. RS 232 Window based Software
Power Supply  230 V AC,50 Hz 

Standards : ASTM D 256 , ISO 180, for Izod Impact, ISO 179, ASTM D 6110 for Charpy Impact, ASTM D 48123 unnotched Cantilever Beam Impact ASTM D 4508 for Chip Impact, ASTM D 950 Adhesive Bond Impact


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