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Universal Tensile Tester, Universal Tensile Testing Machines, plastic tensile tester, tensile testing machine for plastic, Gujarat, India

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Manufacturers & Exporters of Universal Tensile Tester For Plastic

Universal Tensile Tester For Plastic Upto 5 Ton
Tensile Testing Machine For Plastic Rope Upto 50 Ton
Universal Tensile Machine For Column Pipe Thread Testing Upto 50 Ton

Universal Tensile Tester


Tensile test is a measurement of ability of material to withstand forces that tends to pull it apart and to determine to what extent the materials stretches before breaking


ASTM D 638,D 882, D 790, D 695, ISO R527, BS 2782 and other equivalent standards, Load Measuring System as per ASTM E4, ISO 7501. Strain Measuring System require as per ASTM E83


Tensile is the universal test applied to many polymers to check the mechanical properties and it is the most improtant property as majority of end use application involved some degree of mechanical loading & properties like Tensile Modulus, Elongation, Compression etc. are calculated using this machine


The "Kaiser" has some unique models of Tensile Testing developed with versatility in mind. Kaiser UTM's can be used with or without using P.C. Universal Software capable of performing test on any type of materials.

Safety provisions in form of software, Electrical & Mechanical features.

Test on high & low loads with different cross head travel speed can be performed.

The "Kaiser" tensile Testing offers testing flexibility and ease of use via an intelligent electromechanical system data transfer. ratio of load cell to instrument is 24 bits to give instateneous readout of data during process. The Kaiser versatile software helps to visualize the process and behavior of materials in form of data and graphs with all the calculated results required. Units of weights "Newton" or "Kilograms" can be selected from software. Round or of any different shape materials can be presp


  • On line update facility
  • Colour combination can be changeable
  • Line, bar chart, Dotted line, etc facility in graph.
  • Graph Grids colour Combination Facility.
  • Graph Zooming Facility.
  • Individual Graph facility for Tensile, COF, ICOF, Compression & Flexural
  • Individual Portion Zooming Facility.
  • Individual graph Comparison facility.
  • Result Convert Facality in Graph & Excell Formate
  • Graph Overlapping Facility for analysis Material Property.
  • Comport Auto Selectable.
  • With in Second we get the Result in Kg. / cm2 and Nt. / mm2.
  • Auto Scaling and fix scaling Facility.
  • Company logo inserting facility.
  • USB Driver Facility For Safety Features.
  • Two way Communication Facility.
  • Can generate the report with your company logo.


Model Name Digital Single Screw UTM Computerised Single Screw UTMDigital Twin Screw UTMComputerised Twin Screw UTMDigital UTM With Power Pack System Computerised UTM With Power Pack System Digital Top Load TesterComputerised Top Load Tester
Capacity 0-1000 Kgs. 0-1000 Kgs. 0-7500 Kgs. 0-7500 Kgs. 7500 Kgs. - 50000 Kgs. (7.5 TON -50 TON) 7500 Kgs. - 50000 Kgs. (7.5 TON-50 TON)0-250 Kgs. 0-250 Kgs.
Extension 0-1000 mm or As per requirement
Attachment Compression/flExural/COF/ICOF/Peel/Bond/Tear/Shear/Puncture/Burst can be provided in all above models as per individual requirement
Load InputMaximum 2 Load Cell facility can be provided
Speed1 to 500 mm / min. (As per load output & standard requirement)
Resolution of Load 00000 Kg/000.00/0000.01 or 0000Kg / 000.0 Kg / 00.00 Kg
Extension Resolution 000.0 mm /000.00 mm
Extensio Meter Contact Type as per requirment
A.C. Drive Motor HP Suitable for Machine Capacity
Power Supply 230 V AC, 50 HZ, SINGLE PHASE 440 V AC, 50 HZ, THREE PHASE
Paint Powder Coating & Hard Chrome Plating
Placemant Suitable for Machine Capacity
Model Floor Statnding / Table Top (As per capacity of machine)
Precaution/safety Features Electrical Emergency Switch, Electro Mechanical Limit Switch, Elctronic Through Micro Controller Parameters
Software Facility RS 232 interface with WINDOW based software to conduct test and keep record of data with graph for the test calculated results of Yield Load, Yield Extension, Break Load, Break Extension, and Modulus of Elasticity, Maximum Load, Maximum extension, and Tensile Strength.

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KAISER TECHNIC - To become one of the most sought after brand in the testing machinery segment with complete customer satisfaction as its unique attributes thereby build a strong net work around the globe.

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